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LebanonTourism.com's aim is to promote Lebanon as a destination and provide online booking facilities to various holiday options and services. The website is owned and operated by Grey Matter S.A.R.L. which was founded in 1997 to provide online solutions for the Travel Industry. The company has been dealing with tourist accommodations, marketing strategies and Internet technologies for more than 7 years. Since its creation, the company has also successfully launched and currently operates SKILEB.com (providing ski trips to Lebanon) and SkiCyprus.com (providing agrotourism and ski trips to Cyprus).

LebanonTourism.com is powered by a sophisticated booking system that has been carefully engineered and optimized to provide the easiest online booking experience. Whether your are looking for a certain town, hotel or region or are just browsing the website for some inspiration - LebanonTourism.com has got you covered! The portal allows consumers to research destinations the way they choose, featuring in-depth tourist information for each region or activity, including weather forecasts, road conditions, snow conditions, calendar of events and more destination related information than you ever hoped for.

From our suppliers' side, LebanonTourism.com brings tourism service providers not only the latest in Internet technology but also offer strong support in the marketing of products to increase the number of bed nights in hotels and resorts.

All our operation is backed up by years of experience in the creation of attractive packages. We simply know what it takes to make all your wishes come true while providing excellent support and assistance.


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